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Owego-Apalachin Basketball Club

Recreational Division

Coaches, please use the videos below
USA Basketball and Jr. NBA for Developmental
Division practices.



Fundamentals of Dribbling
Pound Dribble
Stationary Crossover
Stationary 2 Ball Alternating
Stationary 2 Ball Simultaneous
Advanced Dribble Moves
Cone Dribbling
Retreat Dribble
Retreat Dribble Drill
Speed Dribble

Reading Material
Introduction to Ball Handling and Dribbling
Basic Dribbling
Proper Ball Handling
Speed Dribble

Partner Passing Bounce Pass
Partner Passing Chest Pass
Partner Passing Stationary Drill

Line Passing Bounce Pass
Line Passing Chest Pass
Line Passing One Hand Pass

2 Line Full Court Bounce Pass
2 Line Full Court Chest Pass

Overhead Pass
Pass and Cut Drill
Pass and Follow
Pressure Passing
Pass Fake

Reading Material
Fundamentals of Passing
Mastering the Chest and Bounce Pass
Holding a Basketball
Catching a Basketball

BEEF Acronym

Form Shooting
Form Shooting - Two Hands
Form Shooting - Partner

Rainbow Shooting
Square Up Shooting

Reading Material
The Basic Jump Shot
Free Throws

Dribble, Jump Stop, and Pass
Lay Up Footwork
Dribble, Pivot and Pass
Denying the Ball Positioning and Footwork
Closeout, Slide, and Backpedal Drill

Reading Material
Fundamentals of Basketball Footwork
4 Line Drills for Quick Feet

Deny the Ball
Defensive Stance
Closing Out On a Shooter
Close Out with Defensive Slides
On Ball Defense
Jump to the Ball

Reading Material
3 Coaching Points for Better Defense
How to Develop Great Defensive Communication

Setting Screens

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